Азиатский массаж всего тела

Жаркая красотка азиатской внешности помогает своему бойфренду снять напряжение, скопившееся за день, затащив его в бурлящее джакуззи, обласкав его мощный член своим горячим ротиком, а потом сделав ему массаж всего тела своими роскошными и упругими формами.

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  • Jasemin
    Jasemin 221 день назад

    I think TLC was counting on playing into stereotypes about the Amish and the fact that most people know very little about them. Also, most Amish would never actually see the show and even those that heard about it secondhand would never publicly speak out against it. What they didn’t count on was that the ex-Amish community would call them out on it so vocally and that unofficial spokesmen for the Amish (like Brad Igou in Lancaster County) would take up the cause. But in general I think you’re right: as long as people are watching, TLC do;ne&#8217st care.

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